Large Format Printing

Large format printing has experienced growth in the last few years and continues to develop as new technologies come to the fore. Today’s large-format printers are both cost-effective and easy to operate, and can prepare prints on virtually any kind of surface. Needless to say, going big with original artwork, custom text or attention-grabbing graphics is a proven way to increase sales and build customer-business bonds. If you’re looking to print a new outdoor sign for your restaurant, kick off an advertising campaign, or set up banners at an outdoor festival, then large format printing is the perfect option for you. Let GREENWOOD APPAREL & GRAPHICS help bring your ideas to LIFE!.

What is Large Format Printing?

Also called wide-format and grand-format printing, large-format prints are typically at least 24 in. wide, but can be virtually any size. Large format print services continue to drive a large portion of the growth within the print market and are currently outpacing digital alternatives such as electric signs or supersized LED screens. Whether you’re looking to produce banners, décor or vehicle wraps, wide-format printing provides the ideal solution to all your large-scale print marketing needs.

It’s only in the last few years that large format printing has started to take off as a cost-effective print marketing solution. In the past, wide-format printing was bogged down with a number of issues, including short-run lengths, high costs and slow turnaround times. In addition, only certain materials were available for printing in the past, and finishes were expensive and difficult to apply.

All that changed with the introduction of new technologies with higher capabilities and quicker turnaround speeds. Flatbed printers have been around for a while, but newer versions are now more efficient and speedier, allowing for higher print runs and more cost-efficient large format print services. Flatbed printers can now accommodate a range of different substrates or printing materials, and are designed to function with a number of inks and curing technologies.

As a result of these improvements, large-format printing has now become one of the foremost print marketing tools, providing a seemingly endless array of large-scale print design options ranging anywhere from printed wallpapers and tiles, to display canvasses and draperies